2019 Auf dem Weg zum Motiv. Zeitgenössische Künstler treffen auf Willi Baumeister

Group exhibition at Galerie Friese 

2018 Hermès Carré Club – New York – Los Angeles

Group exhibition and art performance organised by Hermès © in New York in September and Los Angeles in November 2018

2018 “Acte III, scène I, la clairière…”

Silk scarf made for Hermès © for the Fall / Winter 2018 collection

2018 An Old Story for Our Modern Times

Solo exhibition at the Galerie Judin in Berlin from the 27th April to the 9th of June 2018

2017 Shaping Space (click on image to download PDF)

I am taking part in a group show at gallery Isa in Mumbai with the artists Christian Achenbach,  Aldo Chaparro, Robert Elfgen, Olafur Eliasson, Martin Kobe, Anselm Reyle and Joseph Tong.
28th Sept – 30th Nov.

2017 Monopol magazine

Article by Silke Hohman about my work in the german art magazine Monopol

2017 India Art Fair

I am showing my works with Isa Galerie at India Art Fair in Delhi

2016 Hermès Christmas campaign

I made the international Christmas campaign 2016 for Hermès.

2016 Solo exhibition in Mumbai

The Nocturnal Vault  is my solo exhibition at Isa Galerie in Mumbai, India.

2016 Myriorama cards for Hermès

I made 12 myriorama cards for Hermès.